The Countdown Begins

We’re days away from unveiling a one-year installation in downtown Macon. Really, we could count down to the Artist Party in a matter of hours.

So here’s what’s going on, and why we’re so excited.

Of the several incredible entries submitted to Macon Sculpture Walk, four have been selected to be displayed over the next year. (For you fellow art lovers, these sculptures will be available for purchase.) They will be located at Mulberry & Second, Third & Cherry, Poplar & Third, and Turpin Park.

Join us Thursday, November 29 at 6p, at Travis Jean Emporium for our Artist Party where you can meet the artists and get a sneak peak of the sculptures before they’re installed.

Friday, the artists will install the sculptures downtown. Then, Saturday at noon, they will be revealed to the public (weather permitting.)

Hope to see you soon!