Catching up with Greg Mendez: A Grateful 2019

January, for many, tends to be a time where goals and ambitions come into focus. Macon Sculpture Walk was able to catch up with sculptor Greg Mendez, who is displaying Elli3 on Third and Cherry, to see what goals he has set for the new year, and his plans as an artist.

Greg’s dynamic is equally enthusiast and calm. He’s passionate about sculpture and has a steady demeanor from his years of being a full-time artist.

“I don’t ever want to get to the point where I take for granted some of the opportunities I get through sculpture. Starting each year with this thought keeps my goals realistic.”

For Greg, it’s important that he continues working as a sculpture full-time. In addition to creating incredible works of art, he’s been able to travel across the country to display his work.

“One thing I would like to do [in 2019] is take better care of myself. Eat better. Exercise more. Sleep consistent. Sculpture is very physical and I want to become more efficient in creating work.”

Perhaps, just maybe, if we follow the same plan as Greg, we could all come a little closer to accomplishing our 2019 goals.

Next time you’re in downtown Macon, make your way to Third and Cherry, to see Elli3. This figure was inspired by a cheerful 10-year-old girl dancing with her shadow. You may notice that much of the sculpture appears to move upward, light carefree and happy.

About Greg

Greg Mendez lives in downtown Decatur, IN with his wife Tiffany, and their bunnies. Greg graduated from the University of Saint Francis’ School of Creative Arts. His sculptures are primarily metal figures. Elli3 is available for purchase. For more information, email